Thanks iPhone Mom

Can I really call this a blog if I haven’t posted in over a year?  Or maybe the better question is, can I really call this a blog if nobody is reading it?  Well regardless of these points, there was something that happened to me recently that I thought was worth writing about.

The folks over at The iPhone Mom were nice enough to feature my Make The Play app in their latest Friday Findings list.  That was really nice of them to do that and I am grateful.  If you have kids you should check out their site.  It’s a great way to find hidden gems in the App Store that you might not otherwise come across just browsing the “top” lists.

Fishbook 1.5 Submitted

I just submitted version 1.5 of Fishbook to Apple.  It should be approved next week, and to be honest this version is long overdue.  Some improvements include the ability to manually enter GPS coordinates (previously it only allowed you to capture current location) and much better handling of the photos (pinch to zoom, swipe to page, etc.).

Thank you to everyone who leaves comments in the app store.  Your constructive criticism is almost always helpful, and the changes in this version are all based on your ideas.  Thank you.

Anyway, like I said, I feel that this version is long overdue but like the saying goes, better late than never.