Remembering the 404 Live Days

Five years ago I was in a band called 404 Live.  We weren’t big, we weren’t even that great, but we were together.  We got to play out in front of people.  We covered songs that we genuinely liked.  All in all it was super fun.  Let the reminiscing begin…

We got together kind of by chance.  The company I worked for was having a holiday party and there was a desire for some musical entertainment.  So I volunteered to play and so did a couple of my coworkers.  It’s funny that I had worked with them for years, but I don’t think I even knew that they were so musically inclined.  Anyway, we rehearsed a few songs for the party, had a good time, and decided it would be fun to do some recording.

We ended up giving that recording to a guy who owned a restaurant in my neighborhood.  He liked it and asked us if we wanted to play Saturday nights at his restaurant.  So we did.  Now for me personally, this was a pretty big freaking deal.  A lifelong lover of playing music (I thank my mom and dad for that) at the time I hadn’t picked up an instrument in years, and I certainly hadn’t played in front of people since college.  I think I had forgotten how fun it was.  So to go from no live music in my life at the time, to a regular gig performing in front of people, was kind of mind blowing.  It was really cool.

We went on to play that Saturday gig for a summer, and played various other parties here and there.  It was great, it was just fun, I don’t know how else to describe it.  After a year or so, we all kind of got busy with other things, and eventually it wasn’t practical to keep practicing and playing, so we stopped.

These days, I still keep in touch with the singer, and the drummer, and we jam from time to time, and its just as fun as it ever was.  I think we miss playing in front of people, but we’ll probably string something together in the near future.

Every now and then I’ll listen to a recording from back then and remember how fun it was.  Tonight was one of those nights.

Our cover of What Am I To You:

What Am I To You     

Our cover of Time After Time:

Time After Time     

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