Writing A Song – Part 3

Slight change of plan.  I started thinking about beats and decided to change the rhythm a bit.  Instead of the straight eighth note pattern in the previous recording, I decided to go with a two eighth note quarter note feel.  I added some bass drum and claps in Garage Band to help convey the rhythm.

Also, I realized (after I had decided to use this chord progression) that my verse is essentially the same chord progression as Baby by Justin Bieber, only in a different key.  Now I can’t claim to be a big Bieber fan, but I would be lying if I said his music was not played often in my household and in our minivan.  My 4 year old son idolizes him.  So whether deliberate or not, I’m pretty sure that I had Baby in mind when I decided on these chords.  Maybe it was subconscious.  Bieber fever affects you and you don’t even know it.

I also was feeling a pre-chorus of A B, which honestly in my mind was reminiscent of Better Together by Jack Johnson (one of my favorite songs).  So an updated list of influences would be a follows…

  • Baby by Justin Bieber
  • Better Together by Jack Johnson

As far as a melody is concerned, I haven’t come up with anything at this point that I am really crazy about.  To mess around and hopefully stir some ideas I picked some notes out of the E major scale and recorded that as well.  But I think the next steps will be really tough.  Right now I don’t have much… a chord progression, a basic beat, some thoughts on how the chorus might begin.  I need to add a melody, perhaps an instrumental hook, and lyrical content.  I need to evolve it into something that is more mine, a true original song.  This is typically where my previous song writing attempts have started to fall apart.  I will do my best to follow through this time.

Here is the updated version.  Once again, please excuse the quality.  Not only was I recording this with the mic in my MacBook, but it was recorded during the day which means you may hear the Fresh Beat Band in the background or my kids playing with various toys.  The timing is off, the quality is bad, and normally I wouldn’t think it was worth sharing.  But like I wrote in part 1, I want to document the songwriting process, including all the rough cuts along the way.  So here it is.  I promise if I ever finish writing this song, I will record everything from scratch and it will sound a lot better.

Writing A Song - Part 3     


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