Sports Whiteboard

Whiteboard app for sports fans, players, and coaches.  Easy to use, versatile, and inexpensive.


  • 6 whiteboards
  • 6 marker colors
  • 3 eraser sizes
  • 6 player colors
  • 6 ball types
  • Place and reposition objects.
  • Pinch to zoom, swipe to pan.
  • High resolution whiteboards support crisp zoomed in views.
  • No in-app purchases.


  • Tap the arrow to show/hide tool bar.
  • Single tap button to select.
  • Double tap button to show more options.
  • Drag players and balls from tool bar to white board.


  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Baseball / Softball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Blank

9 thoughts on “Sports Whiteboard

    • Hi. Unfortunately, the app does not have a sharing feature. The only suggestion I have would be to take a screen shot and send the saved image. I know this is a poor solution, but its the only suggestion I have with the current version.

    • Hi Bill. On the toolbar, double tap the first button. This will bring up a second toolbar. Tap the third button on this second toolbar (football). This will change the field to the football field.

  1. Here are some basic instructions how to use the app…

    * Firstly, if you don’t see the toolbar, tap the grey arrow near the side of the screen to make the toolbar appear.
    * Double tap the first button on the toolbar, that should make a second toolbar appear, and in that second toolbar you should see 6 icons representing the different fields/courts/backgrounds to use.
    * When the second toolbar button (finger) is highlighted, your gestures will simply move the background around.
    * When the third toolbar button (pen) is highlighted, your gestures will draw lines. Double tap this button to bring up the pen color selection toolbar.
    * The fourth toolbar button (eraser) is the erase tool. Similarly, double tap to bring up a selection of different size erasers.
    * The fifth toolbar button is the player dot tool. Drag from the button to the field to place player dots on the field. Double tap to bring up the dot color selection toolbar.
    * The sixth toolbar button is the ball tool. Drag from the button to the field to place ball markers on the field. Double tap to bring up the ball selection toolbar.

    • Hi. On the toolbar, tap the pen icon. If you want to change color, double tap the pen icon and choose a color. When the pen icon is selected, you can use your finger to draw lines. Hope this helps. Thanks.

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