The Drop Machine

Experience the greatness of the perfectly timed drop!

The Drop Machine is a sound effects app that is specifically designed to give you the quickest possible access to your favorite drops.  Prove your comedic genius with an assortment of thoughtful, carefully placed drops.  Or, fire off a few fart drops and giggle till your hearts content.  No matter the situation, The Drop Machine can deliver the right drop at the right time.


  • Designed for speed.  The fewest possible touches from app startup to drop playback.
  • Arrange your drops so that your favorites are quickly accessible.  No need to sort through pages of sounds that you aren’t interested in.
  • Record your own drops and customize your library to suit your particular needs.
  • Includes a selection of classic, highly usable drops.  All killer.  No filler.
  • Great for dinner parties, lecture halls, board meetings… the possibilities are endless.

One thought on “The Drop Machine

  1. With these Drops I have really upped my game. I have single-handedly changed boring corporate meetings into complete mirth filled Laugh-fests. Everyone wins!

    Just wait til the wife hears my ‘homemade’ drop. IF you know what I mean.



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